What We Do

We offer the following services - 

Driveway, Patio and Path Cleaning - We can clean and seal any area with our professional  power wash machine. To ensure we offer our customers the best possible service, we have invested heavily in acquiring the most efficient driveway cleaning equipment on the market.

Decking Cleaning - Decking is now very popular and has to be kept clean to prolong the life of it, it can also become slippy and dangerous if not kept clean.

We can also treat the decking with specialist oil to keep it looking good.

Sealing - We use the latest sealants to prolong the life of your paved areas, there are many different sealants on the market but we use a professional supplier and use the best quality and longest lasting products. There are huge advantages in sealing areas.

Roof Cleaning and Repairs - We are experienced with roof cleaning and repairs, if your roof is covered with moss it will have an impact of the life of the roof and could damage the tiles.  We can clean your roof and seal to prolong the life of it, we have many years experience doing this and only use the best cleaning solutions and sealants.

Gutter Cleaning and Repairs - Gutters fill with leaves and general debris over time and if your gutters are blocked and leaking it can cause long term damage to your property or gutters which could end having to be replaced. No are happy to quote you for our gutter cleaning service which starts from as little as ?40 per property. Visit our website to find out more